What kind of coffee is good coffee?

What kind of coffee is good coffee?
In fact, coffee has been in existence for many years, but it has not developed faster. The reason is its speciality: the preservation of coffee beans. Everyone who makes coffee knows that coffee beans can have a shelf life of more than one year. If it is a roasted coffee bean, it can only be put in contact with the air for a maximum of 3 days and the coffee beans will have become odorless. If it is a ground coffee, it will last for 24 hours after being exposed to air, and the coffee powder will have become odorless.
It is because of this characteristic that coffee is difficult to weigh heavily. It is also true that only in the place of coffee can you really drink fresh and delicious coffee.
Because: Packed coffee beans or coffee powder, once opened, the same preservation problems still exist. This is because the packaging of coffee is mostly 1KG left, a pack of beans or powder can make a total of more than 150 cups of coffee, only in 3 days is the most fresh way to drink, even so, people from drinking the first Since the beginning of the cup, it has begun to change.
In other words: coffee beans or ground coffee can only guarantee the freshness of the first cup of coffee.
Coffee capsules are just another way of dealing with coffee in this context.
Because of this small package of coffee, completely through the limitations of time and space. You can drink it after 1 year and you can ensure that it tastes the same.


This can keep the quality of coffee up to 12 months. Every time you open a bag, it means that you really have a cup of ground coffee to make coffee. This must be the freshest and the cups are fresh.

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