The World Coffee Producer Forum adds President Clinton to four languages

2017-07-10 14:53:52

The World Coffee Producer Forum adds President Clinton to four languages

Late for the impressive lineup of international coffee experts will address inauguralA full of world coffee producer forum MedellAn, Colombia, former US President Bill Clinton will join the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos panel discussion.

The Cafe The Colombian Coffee Growers' Federation (FNC) announced today that former President Bill Clinton, the forum will be held on July 10-12. The forum itself is a very collaborativeA producer association initiative from coffee from Africa, Asia and Latin America, with more than 900 participants representing 40 producing countries, as well as industry leaders (barbecue pits, traders and retailers, financial institutions, government and non Government organization).

According to the International Coffee Organization statistics, coffee represents about 25 million households in the main way of representing 125 million people, most of them in developing countries. The Forum plans to address the common challenges of producers around the world, including but not limited to producersa, income, rural development, socioeconomic indicators, adaptation to climate change, productivity, price volatility, generation integration and labor.

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For this, the forum amasseda a group of very talented coffee celebrities, including the Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association Rick Rhinehart, African Coffee Company Secretary General Fred Kawuma, Brazilian National Coffee Executive Executive Brazilian President Sila Global Coffee Platform An Executive Director DirectorA Annett Pensel.

Well-known economist Jeffrey d SachsA will deliver keynote speeches, and the opening ceremony will also include speech ICO Executive Director Josia A. Sette, President Santos and FNC CEOA Roberto Weaver. Clinton, who through his work at the Clinton Foundation, devotes most of his career to international development work including the revitalization efforts of the Haiti coffee industry to be added to the Presidential Santos panel called Economic Sustainable Development and Rural Development to promote global stability and Democracy.a do?

One of them is one of the most respected global voices in promoting sustainable economic development in developing countries, a FNCa-era Victorian Clinton said. A Colombian, and I am also very proud to welcome him. He has been crucial to reversing years of violence against our country since 2000 through the Colombian plan that affects all of us, including our coffee growers.a

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