High-end packaging machinery is the focus of the next stage of development

2017-08-08 14:29:16

At present, the development of high-end packaging machinery and equipment will become the next stage of the development of the industry's key objectives, and China's end packaging machinery enterprises in the existing technical level, and foreign enterprises there is a big gap between China's most enterprises technological innovation Strong, the main source of most of the core technology to rely on foreign countries, so in the development of the road is also subject to people.

According to research information, by the three public consumption decree indirectly affect the domestic high-end packaging business this year, the average turnover of 11% decline, while part of the excessive reliance on three public consumption of business turnover fell by up to 40%. Affected by this China's high-end packaging industry output value can only reach 120 billion yuan, it is difficult to reach the beginning of the year is expected to 140 billion yuan, compared to last year's growth is almost zero.

Machinery industry analysts pointed out: packaging machinery is to complete all or part of the product and the packaging process of goods machinery. The use of mechanical packaging products has many advantages, not only can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also to meet the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of hygiene. In view of this, the development prospects of packaging machinery is very broad, but if the high-end core technology can not grasp, we can only give others money, work.

In addition, due to the domestic enterprises in the concept of product technology development and some developed countries have a clear gap between the domestic research funding, research and development funds into a serious shortage, further restricting the upgrading of the technical level, the lack of high-tech talent is to control the technology upgrade the reason.

Moreover, it is worth noting that in the technology which is more important one - the packaging machinery movement control technology, the level of China compared with abroad, but let everyone very disappointed. The role of motion control products and technologies in packaging machinery is to achieve precise position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly for loading and unloading, transportation, marking, palletizing, unloading and other processes. So it is clear that the motion control technology is a distinction between high, medium and low-end packaging machinery one of the key factors. The packaging machinery to upgrade the technical support has become a domestic high-end packaging machinery development bottlenecks.

Due to the policy and technical level of two reasons, China's high-end packaging machinery industry development constraints, the Government should introduce relevant policies to support the development of China's high-end packaging machinery, more importantly, high-end packaging machinery enterprises to continue to strengthen their own brand awareness , To enhance the concept of innovation. Packaging machinery industry only in the government policy support, to scientific and technological innovation, close to the user, independent research and development to replace the blind introduction and imitation of the traditional model, in order to obtain healthy long-term development of the industry.

Industry insiders pointed out that China is moving in the direction of the world packaging center, the future direction of the development of the industry through the continuous application of high-tech and promote the armed and strengthen the overall level of the industry, through technology upgrading and optimization, to achieve high-end packaging equipment Localization. However, at present, although China's packaging technology in the domestic development is very rapid, but the use of high-end technology is very lacking, which has become the soft underbelly of domestic high-end packaging machinery


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