Classification Of Coffee Machines

2017-07-03 09:38:00

Semi-automatic coffee machine, commonly known as moving the handle machine, is the Italian traditional coffee machine. This machine is based on manual milling, pressing powder, powder, brewing, and artificial removal of residues. This kind of machine has small single faucet household machine, also has double faucet, three bibcock large-scale commercial machine and so on, the newer machine also has the electron water quantity control, can accurately control the brewing coffee water quantity. This kind of machine is mainly produced in Italy and is very popular in Italy. Its main features are: The machine structure is simple, the work is reliable, the maintenance is easy, according to the correct use method can produce the high quality Italian coffee. The disadvantage of this machine is also a bit: the operator must undergo rigorous training to make high-quality coffee with this machine, and the excellent barista can provide customized coffee. But if you can manipulate it personally, make a delicious cup of coffee, it is really a spiritual enjoyment.

1. capsule feeding unit.jpg


2. coffee filling unit.jpg

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