Capsule coffee machine how to choose _ Which capsule coffee machine good _

2017-11-10 16:15:19

Capsule coffee machine how to choose _ Which capsule coffee machine good _

Coffee in the modern is more and more popular, many large shopping malls, offices and so can drink high quality coffee, coffee machine making coffee can be achieved on the grinding of coffee beans, flour, brewing process. Of course, different types of coffee machines produced coffee is different, the taste of these coffee there are some differences. Different types and different brands of coffee machine they produce coffee is different, in the coffee machine brand, how do we know what brand of coffee machine capsule is good? How to buy a capsule coffee machine? Listen to the very Rui Xiao Bian is how to say?

Capsule coffee machine is a new type of coffee machine appeared in recent years. The so-called capsule coffee maker is the manufacturer of coffee powder in advance into a plastic capsule, and then filled with nitrogen to keep fresh, we drink coffee as long as the capsule inside the dedicated machine, you can quickly drink a cup of fragrant Coffee In a broad sense, the capsule coffee machine can not only make coffee, but also support the production of natural flower tea.


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Almost all types of capsule coffee machines of various brands, just open the cover, into the coffee capsule, close the cover, press a button, you can get a cup of fragrant espresso; used capsules will automatically fall Fall into the recycling bucket, easy to clean, the machine also only need to do a wash after a few hundred cups, it is simply for the pursuit of coffee quality and no time for white-collar workers who are tailored cute small appliances. In fact, quick use, user-friendly cleaning are not the greatest advantage of capsule coffee machine, more importantly, the coffee is fresh, produced a stable. Of course, this is one of the most advantageous elements to choose a capsule coffee machine.

No matter which way and what kind of tools to make coffee, the freshness of coffee beans must be the most important factor that determines the quality of coffee. Coffee beans taste best in two weeks of baking, three weeks are acceptable, can be thrown around, and 1 minute after grinding into the powder will lose more than half. Coffee capsules are a good solution to this problem - freshly baked, ground coffee powder is sealed in a capsule filled with nitrogen, due to the chemical stability of nitrogen, the maximum degree of preservation of the freshness of coffee powder.

When the machine is working, the capsule is taken out (inside the machine) and the caffeine, aromatherapy, oils and so on are extracted by high-pressure extraction, so the coffee made by the capsule machine often has a thick oil.

However, which brand of capsule coffee machine is more suitable for you, a variety of brand coffee machine capsule, Switzerland imported Nespresso / Nespresso automatic capsule coffee machine imported from Belgium, Belmoca / Belmoca, high-quality domestic shellfish / Belland, Nestle fun Cool think / DOLCE GUSTO Italy imports, wacaco US imports, which Bailai capsule coffee machine L10 using professional acupuncture technology high-pressure system, professional degree can be comparable to cafe coffee. Can be set according to personal habits of coffee The amount of water is simple and convenient, a button to get, and with Italian coffee, American coffee function, to ensure that everyone drinks every cup of coffee fresh.

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